Harrell’s believes in making you successful and that means giving you as many tools and resources as possible to make your job just a little bit easier. We know you're on the go, so many of our tools are available to you even when you're not at your desk through your smartphone.

Spreader Calculator

Take a look at the label, then tell us your particle size, spreader, product density, product, and the pounds of product you want to put down and we'll tell you what to setting your spreader needs to be on. 

 Foliar Calculator

 Choose your product, then enter the acres/tank and jugs/tank to learn the amount of nutrients. 

Conversion Calculator

Trying to convert Acres to Miles or vice versa? Maybe Gallons to Quarts or Ounces? You name it, our tool will convert it for you. 

Agronomic Glossary

Need a refresher on an agronomic term? The Agronomic Glossary can help.