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Exactly what you need, when you need it.

For more than 25 years, Harrell's has created unique, custom-blended fertilizers, each one formulated to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Harrell's is dedicated to delivering the most effective products available. Our manufacturing facility utilizes the industry's most current technology and we use only the highest quality raw ingredients in each blend. Each Harrell's fertilizer mixture, some offering as many as 175 ingredient options, is double screened. Some even triple screened, to produce only the finest micro blends.

Harrell's is proud to say our fertilizer is made in the U.S.A at our two fertilizer plants - in Lakeland, FL and Sylacauga, AL. Using only the highest quality raw materials, our fertilizer are mixed according to your specific needs or the needs of your region. 

Combine and Save Time

Have you thought about combining your fertilizer and preemergent into one application? Let your fertilizer do the extra work so you don't have to. 

Using our unique CustoMIX software, we can custom-blend your next fertilizer order with the preemergent at the AI percentage of your choice. First choose your Nitrogen source and then choose your control solution and we'll make your CustoMIX.

POLYON® 44.5, 43, 42
POLYON® Mini 43.5, 43, 41

POLYON® MOP 0-0-56
POLYON® Mini 0-0-51

Acelepryn- 0.067% Balan- 0.92%, 1.15%, 1.25%
Barricade- 0.21%, 0.30%, 0.45%
Confront- 0.68%
Dimension- 0.21%, 0.30%, 0.38%, 0.45%
Echelon- 0.375%, 0.5%
Merit- 0.15%, 0.20%
Pendimethalin- 0.66%, 0.75%, 0.86%, 1.0%, 1.15%
Ronstar- 0.75%, 0.95%, 1.2%, 0.50% plus Team 0.75%, 0.75% plus Team 0.50%
Surflan- 0.75%
Team Pro- 0.86%



Eliminate the guess work and get real results! The Harrell’s system begins with an in-depth analysis of the soil, tissue, and water, which gives our experts a virtual “fingerprint” of your property. With this information, our specialists develop a year-round “feed and protect” program of smart fertilizer and chemicals that match your agronomic and financial needs exactly.

CustoMix®, a software program developed by Harrell’s, is the recipe for success. It ensures that you consistently receive a unique, agronomically-sound blend by customizing the blend to your specific needs. Harrell’s CustoMix® has been perfecting solutions to meet our customers’ requirements for almost a decade. With Harrell’s fertilizer blends, you consistently get healthy, resilient growth and rich, vibrant turf and ornamentals, no matter how strict your conditions are.

Your custom-blended Harrell’s Profertilizer® starts with the latest advanced release technologies including POLYON®, up to 175 ingredient options, double and triple-screened for the finest blends. Our technicians sample every batch and supervise each bag of your order for quality control ensuring you receive the best product. By maintaining consistent prill size, you can be sure your Profertilizer® will spread evenly - with no streaking - for consistent growth all season long.


Ready for more consistent, predictable and dependable feeding? The potential for reduced labor, disease and environmental impact? POLYON(r) controlled-release fertilizer delivers those benefits and many more. All of which translate into the results you care about most. Read more about how POLYON is right for you.


Don’t leave your turf’s health to chance! Polyon®ST is the predictable alternative to polymer coated sulfur coated urea (PCSCU). 

Features and Benefits of Polyon®ST
• Total release – no lock off compared to PCSCU
• More predictable release
• Higher nitrogen analysis than PCSCU
• More consistent/uniform particle size
• RLC technology – reactive layer coating – bonded with the urea particle means less damage at blending and/or application.
• Less leaching/loss during heavy rainfall events.
• Stronger coating integrity than PCSCU
• Release is dependent on temperature not water or microbial activity.

%N Nutrient Release Time (weeks)
Cool Climate** Hot Climate*
PCSCU 3-4 2-3
Polyon ST 44.5 6-8 4-6
Polyon 43 12-15 9-12
Polyon 42 16-20 12-16
Polyon 41 20-24 16-20

Data represents period over which fertilizer capsules became void of nutrient contents.
Color and turf Response will continue for several weeks after capsules have emptied.
*Data collected from Hot Climate was taken from IFAS Research Station in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – Trial Initiated April 10, 2013
**Data collected from Cold Climate, was taken from NC State University, in Raleigh, NC. – Trial Initiated November 14, 2012


Spreader Services

When you’re spreading fertilizer, you need to balance at least six factors – coverage, consistency, rate, weather, cost and timeliness. You make a significant investment when you purchase fertilizer. You can get the most for your money by making sure it’s spread properly. 

Harrell's has two options to assist you with spreading your Harrell's PROFertilzer:  Adams Spreaders and Spreader Trucks. Whichever option is available in your region, you can rest assured Harrell’s fertilizer, starts with selective raw materials and is screened to achieve a consistent size guide number (SGN), so you can be confident that the the prill size is consistent and as a result, the spread is even.

Adams Spreaders

In many parts of the country, Harrell's maintains a fleet of spread-it-yourself, Adams ground-driven spreader units available for loan to Harrell's customers.  Ground-driven spreaders adjust to the speed of the vehicle providing more consistent coverage. The easy-to-operate spreader holds 2 tons and is compatible with Harrell's min-bulk bags or 50# bags, covering more acres and saving you time. Your Harrell's sales representative manages the schedule and arranges the pick up and delivery of the spreader to your course. Give your sales representative a call today to schedule delivery to your course. View the Adams 2-Ton Ground Driven Spreader Set Up and Operating Video

Spreader Trucks

Fertilizer Spreader Truck

Harrell’s spreader trucks are equipped with GPS so we avoid wasteful overlaps and unintentional skips when we spread your fertilizer. The computer screen in the cab of the truck allows the driver to monitor the progress of the spread for proper  overlap and maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Harrell's Spreader Trucks

  • Low-impact & noninvasive
  • Convenient & labor saving
  • Flexible scheduling, including during inclement weather.
  • Accurate applications, computer controlled with GPS
  • Harrell’s employees handle the material for you
  • Custom applications averaging 25 acres per hour

The spreader driver calibrates the spreader and maintains a consistent speed during the spread to apply  the amount of plant nutrients  per acre desired for consistent coverage and beautiful turf.

Harrell’s spreader trucks can hold 2-4 tons of fertilizer, depending on bulk density and spread roughly 30 acres per hour. The trucks are designed as a  low-impact, non-invasive tool for a labor-saving application of your fertilizer and are outfitted with smooth tread flotation tires for minimal impact to your turf.

Spreader TruckHarrell’s employs several highly experienced spreader truck drivers. Our employees will fill the spreader truck from a killibrew or if you have bulk bags, they can load from those just as easily. The process of filling the spreader truck is quite a site and our experienced drivers have the procedure down to a science to minimize waste.

Our drivers average 1-2 spreads a day during an 8-10 week period in the spring and a 6-8 week period in the fall. With the help of the Harrell’s dispatcher they’re able to serve customer needs in an efficient manner while still spreading hundreds of acres and travelling thousands of miles. We recommend you contact your Harrell's representative early to schedule your next application to ensure your fertilizer is applied during your preferred time frame.


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