Harrell's Peat professional soil media is top of the line.

Harvested with our new custom mining machine, we efficiently separate moisture and silt from the rich, natural peat ensuring a pure and clean peat base of your custom-blended media mix.

Harrell's Peat is then mixed with the best raw media ingredients available to make your custom-blended soil. No compost, yard waste or landfill products. From coir and sphagnum to pine bark and perlite, these products are mixed with the largest, most accurate in-line mixer in the industry. Harrell's PROfertilizer® featuring POLYON® combined with Harrell’s rich, pure peat from central Florida is your path to success!

Custom Built Separator
In Florida, reed sedge peat is mined in underwater bogs. Freshly harvested peat must be piled up and allowed to drain for months before it can be blended into potting media. Working wet peat damages the peat fibers, reducing the physical quality of the product. Using custom-built equipment, Harrell’s has developed a unique separator and process to quickly get the water out of harvested peat, thus conserving porosity and airspace. The separator also removes muck, sand, and sticks from the product.

The lighter, drier Harrell's Peat enables growers to have a physically superior Florida peat – based media without the added cost of imported substrate ingredients. The reduced bulk density of Peat enables more cubic yards of media per truckload, further reducing shipping costs of bulk potting soil.

Florida Peat Benefits

  • Florida Peat has physical characteristics superior to conventional Florida peat:
  • Lighter in weight
  • More Fibrous
  • Higher airspace and porosity
  • Quick post-harvest turnaround time
  • Same organic carbon content as Canadian peat

Harrell's is ready to be your Complete Plant Care provider. Contact Your Harrell's Representative for More Information and a Harrell's Peat Sample Today!